Isle of Wight Wizards 9 >> DL Ringwood Rogues 5

The Wizards travelled to take on the Ringwood Rogues in their final match of the season on Wednesday night, hoping to make it an “invincible” season and secure their first league title.

The 3rd string match got underway with Bob taking on Jeremy for the Rogues. An extremely competitive affair with both players nailing some amazing scuzzy boasts! Bob was controlling the tempo well and had Jez in all sorts of trouble with his perfect line and length. Bob sped to a deserved 2-0 lead. This is when Jez decided to ramp up the quality of the “scuzzyfest” nailing some absolute beauties, and took the third game superbly. Final score 2-1 victory for Bob.

The 2nd string match-up saw Paul ‘The Baker’ take on Matt for the hosts. A great match which saw an amazing array of shots from both players. Paul has been in great form recently and his short game seems to be better than ever. Matt was against the ropes but did extremely well to stay in each game with some tireless retrieval. A really competitive game, but Paul was simply too good for Matt on the night. A 3-0 win for the visitor.
The highlight was 2 people passing by the back of the glass backcourt, stopping and watching for a couple of rallies, and then walking on saying “Blimey those guys must be bloody fit!”

The top of the show match saw Callum take on Alexis from Ringwood, a player whom Callum has met at various Racketball tournaments around the country in the past. Callum knew he would have to be at the top of his game as Alexis has been playing very well.
An amazing match which saw both players perform to an extremely high level.
Callum took a very tight first game with some exceptional rallies and retrieval from both sides. Alexis came out for the second game like a man possessed and lept into a 5-0 lead with 2 nicks and 3 superb drives. Callum rallied early on but Alexis wasn’t in the mood to squander his early lead and he locked the tie up at 1-1 .

The balcony was getting busy as the home spectators gathered to see if their players could take the match. The deciding game started with both players winning a few early points, but Callum sensed that Alexis was tiring slightly (rightly so after the immense court coverage!) and he started to push forward and take as much time away from Alexis as he could. The visitor mixed up his pace, line and length perfectly and managed to secure a 2-1 victory over his opponent! A must-watch on our live stream link below if you have the time!

All 3 doubles matches had an identical scoreline. 2-1 victories across the board for the Wight Wizards. The doubles really are a lot of fun and a great leveller regardless of individual skill. We are hoping to show some of the doubles next season on our livestream as it is great to see the skill and timing required between 4 players on the court at the same time!

Final score 19-5 to the Wizards!


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This result means the Wight Wizards are Hampshire League Champions for the 2023/24 season! What an achievement!

Keep an eye out for our blog and update in the next few days with our season overview!




Callum at 1st String 2-1
Paul at 2nd String 3-0
Bob at 3rd String 2-1
1st/2nd String Doubles 2-1
1st/3rd String Doubles 2-1
2nd/3rd String Doubles 2-1