Isle of Wight Wizards 21 >> Abshot Armatures 3

The Wight Wizards hosted the Abshot Armatures on Sunday afternoon at the Wizards’ home turf of Lee on Solent!

The number 3 string match-up saw Paul take on Phil Laurenson who was a last-minute call-up after one of Abshot players “called in sick”! Assisted by a nice warm-up before the visitors’ arrival, Paul was in fine form, finding the perfect line and length from the first point. His deception and guile were simply too much for Phil. A good battle that got the best out of both players. Phil summed the match up perfectly when Paul’s match-winning point hit the nick…. “Just too good for me Paul!” 3-0 win for “The Baker”

The 2nd string match-up saw Olly come up against Abshots’ Jason Vigiers, a squash veteran for Abshot who has dipped his toe into the Racketball League this season. A hotly contested match ensued with some high-quality Racketball from both players. You could tell Jason was no stranger to holding a racket as he moved around the court playing some great shots and working hard to stay in the rallies. Olly sped to a 2-0 lead and was keen to keep the pressure on Jason but the start of the final game saw Jason finding some lovely outright winners. At 5-1 down, Olly upped the tempo once more and began to take everything as early as possible pushing Jason further to the back of the court. An epic final game saw Olly win the game 11-8 and the match 3-0!

The number 1 string match-up saw The Wizards’ Callum Arnott take on his good friend and Abshot employee for one night only, Alex Phillips. What ensued was some of the finest quality Racketball seen this season! Incredible tempo, intense rallies, corkscrews, between-the-legs shots…. And that was all in the first game! The pair traded blows and each game was insanely tight. Fitness was going to be a deciding factor as each player had the shots, but with the courts playing incredibly fast, killing the ball was becoming increasingly difficult for either player. Callum had said before the match, “On his day Alex can put me physically, in an extremely dark place!”
Alex managed to get the better of his friend and adversary by taking the tie 3-0. A really enjoyable match which can be viewed towards the end of the streaming link below.

The three doubles matches all went the way of the Wizards’, each respective pair winning 3-0!

A plethora of Domino’s finest fayre was on the dinner menu, accompanied by a few glasses of hops! The Wizards then departed for the quick drive back to catch the 8pm boat back to the South Island!
Many thanks to Alex, Jason and Phil for the great match and great catch-up! Unfortunately, Jason couldn’t hang around as he had to shoot off…the downside was he didn’t make the post-match photo, the upside was there was more pizza for everyone else! Every cloud!

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Until next time!


Callum at 1st String 0-3
Olly at 2nd String 3-0
Paul at 3rd String 3-0
1st/2nd String Doubles 3-0
1st/3rd String Doubles 3-0
2nd/3rd String Doubles 3-0