Isle of Wight Wizards 22 >> LoS bandits 2

The current league leaders Wight Wizards visited the Lee on Solent Bandits on Thursday with a hope to put some more distance between themselves and the chasing pack.

Commencing proceedings was the number 3 string match which saw Darren from the Wizards take on Connor Doyle for the hosts. Connor had been drafted in from the tennis contingent at Lee on Solent and you could see he was no stranger to having a racket in his hand. The first game saw both players adapting to the very warm courts and each others style. The tin got a beating from both players early on as they tried to force the ball as low as possible. As the game progressed the shots tightened up and some great rallies followed. Connor found his way around the court remarkably well with some great retrievals and Darren had to dig deep into his locker to take a very tight first game. The second and third games went the way of the visitor, with both games going very close to the wire, Darren coming out on top with a superior array of shots. Connor’s first game for the Bandits, hopefully not his last! Final Score 3-0 to Darren who has now won all of his 5 games so far this season.

The 2nd string match up saw Andy “The Flash”Haslin match up against the Bandits seasoned pro Danny Proctor. Flash by name and Flash by nature, Andy sped away to take an early 2-0 lead with both players finding some remarkable winners and both covering an obscene amount of the court as the games wore on. Andy’s tempo dropped in the third game and Danny sensed he could at least walk away with a point for his team and he dug deep taking the third game with some marvellous shots, the pick being a fabulous rolling nick midway through the final game. A great battle that was thoroughly enjoyed by both players. Final Score 2-1 to Andy.

Playing number one string was the Bandits’ Jody Watts who was up against the Wizards top seed Callum Arnott. Both players started with a high tempo, trying to control the T, and Jody raced into an early lead hitting scuzzies, corkscrews and a superb nick all in the first 3 points! Callum started to get his line and length in order, particularly down the backhand side and gradually worked his way back into it, taking the first game. As both players had already been playing for over an hour with the early doubles games, the fitness levels began to show, Callums sports watch showing he was already in “the red zone!” Callum continued to push up the court taking everything as early as he could to force Jody onto the back foot, making sure his opponent was doing all of the running! Callum took the 2nd and 3rd games after some brilliant rallies and some trademark corkscrews. Jody was a worthy opponent and held his own against the Wizards number 1 player. Final Score 3-0 to Callum

The doubles matches all went the way of the visitors with Callum and Andy beating Jody and Danny 3-0, Callum and Darren won a great contest against Jody and Conor 3-0 and finally Andy and Darren won the closing doubles match with a tight 2-1 win against Danny and Conor.

Final score 22-2 to the Wizards.

The Bandits’ provided a fabulous Chicken Tikka curry which was most agreeable. A speedy pint was the side order and the Wizards took to the motorway hoping to make the boat with more than 3 minutes to spare this time. The boat back to the South island left on time (surprisingly) but was a tad rough to say the least. Thankfully the chicken tikka did not make another appreance!

Big thanks to the Bandits’ for a very enjoyable match and lovely food!

Check out the link below to watch the singles matches recorded from our live stream!

Until next time, Over & Out!


Callum at 1st String 3-0
Andy at 2nd String 2-1
Darren at 3rd String 3-0
1st/2nd String Doubles 3-0
1st/3rd String Doubles 3-0
2nd/3rd String Doubles 2-1