Isle of Wight Wizards 22 >> LoS racketeers 2

The Wight Wizards visited the Lee on Solent Racketeers on Thursday still with their unbeaten record intact and aiming to make it 11 wins in a row!

First up was the number 3 string match which saw Bob from the Wizards take on Alwyn. Bob was hoping to get off to a flying start but the home court advantage was evident in the 1st game exchanges with Alwyn providing a stern test and executing his knowledge of the courts back corner floorboards! As the first game wore on, Bob started to get his line and length under control and put Alwyn through his paces and just about pinched the first game. As Bobs heart rate settled he started to get into his groove and controlled the game with some great winners. Alwyn was very deceptive customer and had some lovely holds, but alas Bob was not in the mood to make the match last any longer than necessary and cruised to a 3-0 win.

The 2nd string match up saw Paul “The Baker” Sitch come up against the Racketeers Steve Marcus. The early exchanges looked to point to a tight match with both players putting in the yards and producing some excellent court coverage and both trying to put their opponent under early pressure. Paul was able to play some magical counter drops at the front of the court early on and this had Steve digging in and trying to stay in the rallies with his immense court speed. Paul won the first game but could tell Steve’s fitness was going to keep him in the rallies so he needed to up the ante and started to produce some superb winners from all over the court. Steve himself at one point turning to the bleachers and raising his hands…”What am I supposed to do? He’s getting everything!” From that moment on he fought hard but it was in vain and Paul completed another 3-0 victory for the visitiors.

Playing at the top string was the Racketeers Alex “The Chopper” Kershaw who was up against an inform Olly for the Wizards. As the crowds gathered the two players unleashed some brutal early rallies with Alex determined to split the ball in half with his collosal windup backhand drives. The first game was very cat and mouse and Alex managed to peg Olly back with a few consecutive points towards the end of the first game. Olly held on, however, and snuck into a 1-0 lead. Kershaw, who now looked like he had been swimming in his shirt, realised it was all or nothing and hoped to beat the visitor by hitting the ball as hard and as tight as he could. Olly absorbed and seemed to get everything back and Kershaw looked to the heavans on multiple occasions to summon help from someone above. The help was not fortchcoming and Olly upped the tempo and sensed that Alex just wasn’t going to have enough in the tank if he controlled the rallies and the pace. A really enjoyable game to watch between to talented athletes. Olly winning with another 3-0 scoreline.

The doubles matches all went the way of the visitors with Olly and Paul beating Alex and Steve in a hard fought 2-1 encounter, Paul and Bob won a great contest against Steve and Alwyn 3-0 and finally Olly and Bob won the closing doubles match 2-1 against Alex and Alwyn.

Final score 22-2 to the Wizards.

The Lasagne food option was wolfed down in record time to enable the Wizards to make the 8pm ferry back to the South Island. The road works just outside the club adding to the tension of the evening and making sure Bob broke the speed limit for the entire journey back to Portsmouth.

Shout out to the three Racketeers for a great match and lovely social chat over the food and an ice cold beer!
Check out the link below to watch the singles matches recorded from our live stream which generated an amazing 1.3k views!

Until next time, Over & Out!


Olly at 1st String 3-0
Paul at 2nd String 3-0
Bob at 3rd String 3-0
1st/2nd String Doubles 2-1
1st/3rd String Doubles 2-1
2nd/3rd String Doubles 3-0